Dana Litwack

After retiring from my corporate sales management job in 2014, I didn’t know what to do with all my free time. It was a shock to go from 10 hours of grinding work a day to so much free time. My days were spent looking for a new project around and outside the house but there was still a void. After filling my family and friend’s homes with large oil paintings and looking for the next drawer or closet to organize, I started on my display shelves in the kitchen but was really challenged to complete them. So I picked up a small canvas and decided to paint the missing link. The next thing I knew I painted 5 and I was hooked.

A family friend happened to come over a week later. She thought the mini oils were beautiful and I gave her one to take home. The next morning I got a call from her that would alter my future. She said her son saw the mini oils and wanted me to paint 125 for his wedding guests to have as a memento of the event (to which we affixed labels we had printed from his wedding logo with the date on the backs).

When I saw all 125 displayed at the entrance of the wedding venue it started to make sense. Then I saw people taking them as they left and saying what an “exciting” wedding favor they were, and asking “if we can we take more than one per couple please!” After numerous texts and emails from the folks who attended letting me know where they displayed their canvas and asking for more, I decided to make this a “career.” I love painting canvases of all sizes but the miniature canvases are so unique and fun. I put “career” in parentheses because it sure doesn’t feel like one – it’s too much fun to be a part of making someone’s special time even more special. I’m blessed to have a wonderful foundation of family and friends and my relationship with God that gave me the initial push to do this. Without them I would probably still be walking around my house reorganizing my reorganization.

Do you have an event coming up or want some unique paintings for your house? Mini oils/acrylics may be the icing on the cake, the separator if you will, that will make something truly unforgettable. When is the last time you kept a party favor on display to be reminded daily of the special event? I would love to hand paint a part of your dream to be remembered every day! Or to create works of art for your shelves, table tops, bedside, guest bathrooms, etc.

I can work with your specific color palette, subject mater and style. Let’s get started!

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